Our Pups

Meet Tootsie!

Litter expected in April 2023!

Tootsie the French Bulldog was born on September 17, 2021. As a young pup, Tootsie was known for her playful personality and love of belly rubs. Tootsie's good looks and charming personality quickly made her a favorite among friends and family.

In 2023, Tootsie will be breeding with Benny, a French Bulldog with a CHIC Certification. Benny is one of only 1008 French Bulldogs in the world to have received this prestigious certification, making Tootsie's puppies highly sought after. Tootsie and Benny's litter will be the result of carefully planned breeding, ensuring that their puppies will be healthy, happy, and beautiful.

Tootsie is a beloved member of her family and brings joy to all who meet her. She is a true representation of the French Bulldog breed, with her energetic personality, lovable demeanor, and distinctive appearance. Tootsie is looking forward to her future as a mother and continuing to spread joy and love wherever she goes.


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